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Operations Research


This lecture provides an introduction into the major topics of operations research such as how to construct models based on real-world problems and howo solve linear optimization problems. hereby, the focus lies on the discussion and application of the widely-used and extremely powerful simplex algorithm. The lecture also provides an introduction into graph theory including the discussion and solution of the shortest path problem (what's the quickest way to get from point A to point B) and the minimum spanning tree problem (relevant e.g. for clustering or network design). Special linear problems like the transport problem, the transhipment problem, and the assignment problem (e.g. which worker should be assigned to which task) are discussed as well. The lecture also concerns with another problem from daily life: route optimization. In academic terms it is called travelling salesman problem and various methods to solve this problem are discussed. Finally, the lecture includes elements from network planning, which is relevant for project management or process optimization.


The course intends to strengthen different capabilites of those students who pass the test:

Professional skills:

  • The student is able to understand and model (mostly linear) optimization problems using the language of operations research.

  • The student is able to solve such problems manually using appropriate methods and algorithms.

  • The student is also able to handle suitable IT tools to solve such problems.

Methodological skills:

  • The student is able to analyze, formalize and finally understand complex optimization problems. Thereby he learns to abstract from reality, i.e. to decide which aspects of a problem are important and which are not.

Social skills / soft skills:

  • The student learns and improves the ability to work in a team, especially the ability to explain and talk about complex technical details (maybe in English, als this lecture is open to international students).

  • The student learns to have the patience and discipline


5 Punkte

Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen

  • Operations Research (90 min, Klausur)
  • Operations Research (Laborarbeit)

Lehr- und Lernformen

  • Operations Research (3 SWS, Vorlesung)
  • Operations Research (1 SWS, Labor)


  • Internationale Energiewirtschaft(IEW) - Pflichtmodul


Prof. Dr. Marc-Oliver Otto, Prof. Dr. Stephan Schlüter


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