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Computer Graphics


  • Raster Images

  • Ray Tracing

  • Transformation Matrices & Viewing

  • The Graphics Pipeline

  • Signal Processing

  • Surface Shading & Texture Mapping

  • Data Structures for Graphics

  • Light and Color

  • Using a Tool for Modelling Scenes in 3D

  • Using a Graphics API for Game Programming


Nach Abschluss des Moduls können die Studierenden


  • Explain, how photo-realistic images can be synthesized by ray tracing.

  • Explain, how images are synthesized using the graphic pipeline.

  • Apply linear algebra to transform three dimensional models, determine angles, and compute intersection points.

  • Understand, how illumination changes our perception of a scene and how this can be simulated.

  • Describe, how material aspects and detailed surface structures can be modelled.

  • Describe, how convolution can be used to post process images.


  • Use a standard modelling tool to create a 3D-scene.

  • Use a standard tool to render an image from a scene using special camera and lightning settings.

  • Use an API to control graphic functions of a computer in the context of game programming.

  • Select appropriate data structures to meet given efficiency requirements in graphical applications.

  • Select appropriate rendering techniques to meet given requirements with respect to efficiency and image quality.

Sozial- und Selbstkompetenz

  • Experience how to make practical use of mathematical theories ;-)


5 Punkte

Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen

  • Computer Graphics (90 min, Klausur)
  • Computer Graphics (Laborarbeit)

Lehr- und Lernformen

  • Computer Graphics (3 SWS, Vorlesung)
  • Computer Graphics (1 SWS, Übung)


  • Computer Science(CTS) - Alternative Course Module
  • Computer Science International Bachelor(ICS) - Alternative Course Module
  • Informatik(INF) - Alternative Course Module
  • Wirtschaftinformatik(WF) - Wahlpflichtmodul


Prof. Dr. Alfred Franz


Prof. Dr. Alfred Franz


Peter Shirley & Steve Marschner. Fundamentals of Computer Graphics. CRC Press, 2009.
John F. Hughes et al.. Computer Graphics - Principles And Practice. Addison-Wesley, 2013.