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Studis im Ausland: Jordan Gregoire

Jordan Gregoire from the USA

A new, special episode of our series "Studis im Ausland" (“Studis” being the unofficial german short cut for “students”, “Ausland” as in foreign country). Today we introduce you to Jordan Gregoire, student of “Medical Devices - Research and Development” in his third semester. Originally he’s from Oregon, USA, where he studied mechanical engineering at the Oregon State University.

1. How long has it been since you went abroad and how long are you planning to stay?
I came to Germany in September of 2019 and I am planning to stay for a few months after I finish my master thesis.

2. What do you like most here in Ulm?
I really like the nature in southern Germany. I spend a lot of time outside climbing and hiking. I like the smaller classes at the THU and the familiarity that comes with those in comparison to Oregon State University which has over 30,000 students. All in all, I think that Germany is a beautiful country full of culture and good people.

3. How is it to be in a foreign country during the Corona pandemic? What experiences have you made so far?
It is a difficult to be so far away from family and friends back in Oregon, but video chat makes it easier to stay in contact with them. Fortunately, I've made some good friends here at the THU who have made my time in Germany better.

4. What do you take away from this semester?
I have acquired new skills and experienced a new way of life. I’m going to take all those experiences with me, to be a better engineer and to have more cultural awareness.