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Das Bild zeigt das Team des Einstein Motorsport.

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From racing cars to first violin – on offer at the University of Applied Sciences.

​​​​​The Ulm University of Applied Sciences is not just a place to learn but also to live. Numerous projects invite you to join in. This way, you can pursue your favourite hobby and meet like-minded people at the same time. Whether applying the art of engineering in the Einstein Motorsport Team, playing violin in the orchestra or rocking with the university's own band – you don't need to be bored in your free time at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences​.

Cultural offers and student projects at the University of Applied Sciences

Der Chor der Hochschule Ulm bei der Verabschiedung der Absolventen
Die Band der Hochschule Ulm beim Festakt zum Ulmer Modell
Der Rennwagen des Einstein Motorsport Teams des Jahres 2016, getauft auf den Namen Albert
Das Orchester der Hochschule Ulm
Das Team der Hochschule Ulm beim Spartan Race Munich 2015
Der Chor der Hochschule Ulm bei der Absolventenverabschiedung
Die Band der Hochschule Ulm
Einstein Motorsport Team 2015

University sport

Alongside private sports such as jogging, rollerblading or playing football, as a student at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, you also have the opportunity to participate in the diverse range of sports on offer at Ulm University. Fitness gymnastics, basketball, yoga or self-defence courses – Ulm University offers all this and much more. For a small fee per semester, use the opportunity to get moving with other students. You can find all the courses and information h​ere.

If the fitness studio is too tame for you, you might find the University of Applied Sciences Spartan Race Team the right challenge. Spartan Race is the largest extreme obstacle race series in the world. On top of the running distance, the athletes are challenged by numerous obstacles such as mud pits or climbing walls. The contact at the University of Applied Sciences is Mr Dominik Hepp (


The Ulm University of Applied Sciences Symphony Orchestra: are you musically talented – do you play a wind, string or keyboard instrument? Then you have come to the right place. New members are always welcome. We are particularly looking for violas, double basses, bassoons, horns and trumpets. The orchestra offers a wide musical spectrum – from classical, romantic, salon and film music, through to modern pieces. During lecture periods we practice every Thursday, from 19:50 to 22:00 in the Aula at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Each semester finishes with a public semester concert in Ulm.

Semester concert

"Symphonic Film Music" is on the program this summer semester. The semester concert will take place on  Sunday, July 14, at 6 pm in the Ulm Kornhaus. 
Here is the review of the last semester concert.

The Symphony Orchestra is conducted by the University Music Director, Virgil Bunea. He studied at the Academy of Music in Romania and has been conducting the Ulm University of Applied Sciences Orchestra since 1999. Alongside his activities at the University of Applied Sciences and as a cello teacher at the Music School in Ulm, he is also very involved in the cultural life of Ulm as a cellist.

Conductor and University Music Director
Virgil Bunea
Tel: +49 (0)172 7335865

Contacts at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Georg Schied
Tel: +49 (0)731-50 28451​​

Prof. Dr. Tim Pietzcker
Tel: +49 (0)731-50 28528

University Band

The Ulm University of Applied Sciences Band, directed by Thomas Stamnitz, is always happy to welcome new members. Do you play an instrument or sing and want to join in?
The band was founded by the Ulm Students' Council in the summer of 2015 at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, as a musical offering for students. The repertoire of the Music Group covers rock, pop, funk and blues. The musical programme is put together by students and staff of the Ulm University of Applied Sciences.

We'd love you to join us – just come and have a listen and join in! On Wednesdays from 18:00 - 21:00 in the Aula at the HS Ulm (only during lecture periods).

Conductor and Musical Director

Thomas Stamnitz
Tel: +49 (0)7646-915889

Contact at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Helmut Hofmann
Tel: +49 (0)731-50 28029

University Choir

Are you musically talented and like to sing? Then become a member of the Ulm University of Applied Sciences Choir. We sing classical pieces e.g. by Mozart, Bach and Brahms, as well as modern titles by the Wise Guys, Michael Jackson, Queen, Harry Belafonte, Juli and Maybebob, and brand-new gospel music. We perform at internal celebrations, as well as on social occasions in the city of Ulm. So, for example, in July the University of Applied Sciences Choir delighted the audience as part of the multicultural music project "Live and Let Live".

As well as inspiring music, the choir also offers speaking voice training, breathing techniques and posture training.
During lecture periods we rehearse every Tuesday, from 17:30 in the Aula.

Choir director

​Markus Romes

Contacts at the University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Manfred Wehrheim



Autonomous and artificially intelligent robots are developed by the RoboCup Team at the Hochschule Ulm. With their robots Kate and Larry, the team have been taking part in the annual RoboCup@Home League of the RoboCup German Open since 2010 – with excellent results! Here, for example, the robots should carry out tasks in a domestic environment for and with people. The aim of the competition is to promote research and interdisciplinary training in the fields of artificial intelligence and autonomous mobile robots.

Contacts at the University of Applied Sciences

Maximilan Bähr (
Prof. Dr. Christian Schlegel (


The Sparrow Racing Team is an Ulm University of Applied Sciences student project. The team was founded to take part in the "Pneumobil" competition, which is organised by the pneumatics manufacturer Aventics (formerly Bosch Rexroth Pneumatik). For this international competition, students from different universities build a vehicle using standard pneumatic components. The vehicles are powered by a bottle of compressed nitrogen with 200 bar internal pressure. These racing cars are then tested against those of the other teams in different race categories.

Contacts at the University of Applied Sciences

Axel Holzwarth (
Prof. Dr. Franz Böhm (

Einstein Motorsport

The Einstein Motorsport Team is a group of student motorsport enthusiasts from the Ulm and Neu-Ulm Universities of Applied Sciences and Ulm University. The team comprises more than 50 highly-motivated members from different degree programmes. The aim is to rise to the challenges of a demanding project and to plan, design and manufacture a racing vehicle in its entirety, all by themselves. They also have to market the vehicle and create a financing concept. Therefore, the project covers all the relevant areas in the development of a new vehicle, which are also important in the industry.​


Interdisciplinary team work and an efficient team structure are particularly important for this. Formula Student supplements your degree with intensive experience in design and manufacturing, as well as the economic aspects of automotive engineering. What's more, the racing car must, for example, have excellent handling characteristics with regard to acceleration, braking and handling.

The competition

The challenge for the teams is to design and build a prototype which best meets these requirements. To determine which is the best vehicle, a jury of experts from the motorsport, automotive and automotive supply industries assess every design, every cost plan and every sales presentation in comparison with the competing teams. Then, in different disciplines, the students must also demonstrate how their self-built racers behave in practice on the racetrack. With its different disciplines, the competition reflects all the aspects which must be considered when designing and building a vehicle. 


You can find out more on the Einstein Motorsport Team Homepage.