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Technische Hochschule Ulm

Corona Information

Rules of behavior regarding the risk of infection by coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

As of 3rd April 2022 the Coronavirus rules of the federal state are no longer in effect. This means that it is no longer mandatory to adhere to the rules and restrictions in place up until now.

Consequently, the President’s Office is appealing to all students, employees and teaching personnel as well as visitors to the university to voluntarily continue wearing FFP2-masks in order to protect themselves and others – at least until the current pandemic status has improved.

As a University of Applied Sciences, it is vital for Technische Hochschule Ulm to be able to keep up face-to-face teaching. In order to avoid a forced return to remote teaching due to rising infection rates, the University relies upon the caution and consideration of all its members. By continuing to wear masks, keep a safe distance and stay home if they suspect an infection, all university members can help to reduce risks to vulnerable groups and to university operations in general.
More detailed reasons for this appeal can be found here

4/4/2022 9:30

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