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Technische Hochschule Ulm

Corona Information

Rules of behavior regarding the risk of infection by coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Please note:  This Winter Semester, you can only take part in university life at THU if you have already recovered from coronavirus or if you have been vaccinated or if you have been tested with a negative result. This approach is commonly referred to as the 3G rule (genesen/geimpft/getestet). We are currently working on a solution for implementing the 3G rule at THU. Contact tracing via UniNow will continue. If you haven't been vaccinated, two tests per week are sufficient for participation in university life, including using the library.

From October 11, there will be no more free corona tests in Germany. We are not able to run our own test center at THU, and we cannot reimburse costs for corona tests. This means, if you have not been vaccinated, participating in "in-person" events at THU this Winter Semester will involve extra effort and cost. So we'd like to use this opportunity to appeal to everyone once more: get yourself vaccinated and help us bring back a little bit of normality to this Winter Semester! Your lecturers or the relevant program advisers will contact you regarding the specific organizational details for the individual classes.

Please also comply with the currently-applicable Corona Order issued by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the "CoronaVO Studienbetrieb und Kunst" (Corona Order for higher education and art/cultural institutes).

The THU buildings are only open to members of the THU. The President's Office can authorize other groups of people.

For all of us, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) protection measures require mutual understanding, pragmatic solutions, timely discussions about potential difficulties and a large degree of individual responsibility and self-organization.

THU studentslecturers and teachers and all employees can find more information in the intranet (internal login required).

Stay safe!

9/16/2021 20:00

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