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The Ulm Model

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Degree course with integrated apprenticeship

Would you like to gather solid work experience at a company of your choice – while you are still at university – and directly apply the knowledge you have gained there in lectures? The Ulm Model study programme makes this possible by perfectly combining a university degree with an apprenticeship. In this study programme, phases of practical experience and theoretical study are spent alternately at the company and at the university of applied sciences. This enables you to receive two full qualifications in only nine semesters: an IHK-recognised apprenticeship and a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) or a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)


For which degree courses is the model possible?

To find out which apprenticeships can be combined with the degree programmes, please take a look at our Ulm Model fact sheet.

Advantages of the Model

The advantages of studying with the Ulm Model are obvious: with the dual qualification – highly sought-after by companies – you have excellent chances of a specialist or management career and a rapid career progression. With your integration into a company during the extended practical phases, you will be able to gather solid work experience at a company of your choice – while you are still at university – and directly apply the knowledge you have gained there in lectures. What's more, you will receive attractive financial support from the company, for the duration of your studies.

Course schedule and duration

The Ulm Model study programme is a full degree course combined with a full apprenticeship – with an appropriate combination of practical and theory semesters – in just 4 1/2 years.The Ulm Model dual study programmes always starts in the winter semester each year, on September 1.

The course alternates phases at the University of Applied Sciences and at the company. An accredited instructor from the appropriate Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) / Chamber of Trades will support you during your apprenticeship in the partner company. On the main degree programme, you will be supported by an experienced engineer in the implementation of practical engineering projects.

During the university phases, you participate in the same range of courses as for the classic Bachelor's degree programmes. The vocational training classes occur within the first five semesters, in 3 blocks of courses taking a total of 10 weeks during the practical phases. They take place at the Robert-Bosch-Schule Ulm and, if applicable, at the Berufsschulzentrum Günzburg. After nine semesters, the course finishes with the bachelor thesis.

You can find a detailed overview of how the semester is divided between the company and the University of Applied Sciences in our Ulm Model fact sheet.

Current partner companies

The current offers made by partner companies are – as far as is permitted by those companies – compiled and published by the University of Applied Sciences.
Here you can find the current company list for the Ulm Model.

If the company you wish to do your work placements with is not on the current list, you can of course take the initiative and ask the relevant company if they would be able to take part. Using your own initiative to get a study place with a company which is not yet involved in the programme is expressly welcomed and supported. Many companies only become aware of the dual study programme in this way, discovering it to be a valuable way of recruiting their next generation of staff.

The prerequisite for additional study places is essentially a prior agreement between the company and Ulm University of Applied Sciences. New companies can find out more here: information for companies.


Just as for the classic Bachelor's degree programmes, admission to a degree programme is only possible if you have an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, or a qualification which is at least equivalent to this. To be admitted, your school grades must fulfil certain minimum requirements. Please observe the admission guidelines with regard to this.

The prerequisite and basis for cooperation with the company and for the degree programme is a contract covering the practical phases with a partner company. The contract specifies the rights and obligations of the contract partners – the partner company and future student with each other and also to the Ulm University of Applied Sciences.
You will find a sample contract under Downloads.


It is only possible to start the Ulm Model dual study programme in the winter semester. You should make your application to a partner company early enough – generally at least one year before the start of the course. Here please observe the admission guidelines. Once you have signed a contract with a company and have submitted it to the Dual study programme office, the formal admission requirements, certain parts of the contract and the minimum requirements for your school grades will be checked. If you fulfil the prerequisites for the dual study programme, you will be accepted on the course. At the end of July/start of August we will invite you to enrol at the University of Applied Sciences and nothing more will prevent you from starting your studies on September 1 of the relevant year.

Information for companies

Find out about the advantages the dual study programme offers your company, how you can become an Ulm Model partner company and what should you consider.

Information for companies


Monika Ihlein
Room E 08 | Prittwitzstrasse 10 | 89075 Ulm
Tel. +49 (0731) 50-28125 | Fax +49 (0731) 50-28270

Electrical Engineering

Adelheid Junginger
Room A 210b | Prittwitzstrasse 10 | 89075 Ulm
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Course and examination regulations

The course and examination regulations define the conditions and legal requirements for a proper Ulm Model degree course.
Overview of all course and examination regulations
Please note: if you are already a registered student at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, it might be that a different version of the course and examination regulations apply for you. The course and examination regulations which were in effect when you started your course are generally the ones which apply.
Ulm Model flyer​The flyer includes information about course prerequisites, applications, the structure of the course and its duration.
Ulm Model fact sheet​The most important information about studying with the Ulm Model at a glance.
Partner companies 2017You will find all the partner companies participating in the Ulm Model dual study programme here.
Admission guidelines​Ulm University of Applied Sciences guidelines for admission to dual study programmes.
Sample contract (written in the feminine form)
Sample contract (written in the masculine form)
​Sample contract for students and their partner companies covering the practical phases of the dual study programmes according to the Ulm Model.