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The 20/21 Winter Semester under coronavirus conditions

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Current THU regulations

The THU has reacted to the uncertainties of another semester under pandemic conditions by preparing a hybrid Winter Semester, focusing on digital course provision combined with "in-person" courses wherever possible. The aim is to provide the best possible support to students to help them achieve their learning objectives. Therefore, the guiding principle is: as much presence as possible, but only as far as is responsible, and as much digital provision as is necessary in order to satisfy the corona requirements. We are and will remain an institution-based learning establishment.It is neither our goal nor our ambition to become a completely digital educational institution. Physical presence, exchanges, meetings, experiences and comprehension are important features of learning and studying at THU. This is as it should be and will remain so," says President Volker Reuter.Therefore, students will also take part in physical classes at the University of Applied Sciences during the Winter Semester – always in compliance with the hygiene standards. This article lists the most important regulations for the Winter Semester. You will soon be able to find degree program-specific information for your Bachelor's or Master's degree program in the download section of the website.

The first semester of the Bachelor's degree programs start their 20/21 Winter Semester on October 12, 2020. This is because the application phase was postponed, due to the delayed Abitur examinations.For all higher semesters, and those starting their Masters degree programs, classes for the Winter Semester already start on September 29. Please note: different start dates may apply for joint degree programs with Ulm University and Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences. You will find all the important course dates for the Winter Semester in the THU calendar.

An overview of the most important rules:

Hybrid Winter Semester

This is a "hybrid" Winter Semester, consisting of a mixture of online and "in-person" classes. THU students should be prepared for regular classes taking place at the University of Applied Sciences. A wide range of teaching forms will be used, depending on the type of class and the expertise to be developed: "in-person" classes in small groups while complying with the minimum distance requirements, hybrid lectures, (where part of the class is present at the THU and the rest is connected online), online lectures over the internet, laboratory classes in small groups and flipped classrooms (where students work through the taught content at home first and then build on their knowledge by doing exercises with the teaching staff at THU).

The percentage split of teaching between online and "in-person" classes will vary from degree program to degree program – and even from semester to semester – depending on the proportion of laboratory classes and the educational concepts of the teachers. Your program adviser can provide you with specific information about the relevant plans for your course.

Although the Winter Semester is not organized as a "classic" university semester, the Winter Semester should be a full-value semester with the best possible support for our students.

Start of courses in the 20/21 Winter Semester

First semester for Bachelor's degree programs

  • The THU preparatory courses have been staggered and will take place online to a large extent. The welcome event for the preparatory courses is planned for September 25, 2020.
  • The start of lectures for students beginning their Bachelor's degree program is October 12, 2020.Please note: different start dates may apply for joint degree programs with Ulm University and Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences.
  • The welcome celebration for new students in the Prittwitzstrasse Aula has unfortunately had to be canceled. Individual events will be held in the relevant faculties.
  • The most important information for the first semester will be listed promptly on the THU webpage "Welcome to the 20/21Winter Semester".

Higher semesters for Bachelor's degree programs and Master's degree programs:

  • Lectures start on September 29, 2020. This also applies to those starting their Master's degree programs. Please note: different start dates may apply for joint degree programs with Ulm University and Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences.
You will find all the important course dates for the Winter Semester in the THU calendar.

Infection Protection at THU

Protecting the health of all members and guests of the University of Applied Sciences is very important to us. Therefore the University of Applied Sciences hygiene regulations must be adhered to. Please comply with the minimum distance requirements in the lecture theaters and the requirement to wear a mask in the corridors. Make sure you wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, and observe proper respiratory hygiene. "In-person" classes will still only possible in relatively small groups. In accordance with the Corona Order issued by the State of Baden-Württemberg, an attendance register must be filled out for all THU events requiring attendance in person. Your personal details will be recorded exclusively for the purpose of potentially-necessary contact tracing, and will be deleted after four weeks.


Although comprehensive special rules applied to the examinations in the 2020 Summer Semester, the rules defined in the Course and Examination Regulations will apply again for the Winter Semester. One exception is the possibility of different examination formats (for example, an oral online examination instead of a written examination). You will be informed well in advance of the examination period about how your examinations will be conducted.

Please note: deadlines which would result in a loss of the right to take examinations if you missed them during the 2020/21 Winter Semester will not be extended without an application. Please comply with your individual examination deadlines. Please contact your responsible examination committee with any questions you have.

Of course, the THU will inform you if the Ulm University of Applied Sciences Senate passes any further regulations. For this reason, please also check your THU e-mail account regularly.

Bachelor's and Master's Theses

The registration deadlines and the completion period for your Bachelor's or Master's thesis remain the same. The submission deadlines are also unchanged and you must adhere to them. You can apply to the examination committee to have your submission deadline extended, but you must provide individual justification for your application. The best thing to do is get in touch with your supervising professor, especially if you cannot conduct your thesis as originally planned.

Practical semester

In the 2020/21 Winter Semester, the practical semester can be performed in multiple stages, in different companies, and via remote working. The decision regarding recognition will be made by the responsible internship office.

Standard study period

Due to the corona crisis, the standard study period for all courses will be extended by one semester by law. This is particularly important for recipients of the BaFöG: because the maximum duration for financial assistance is linked to the standard study period – as per the State Higher Education Act – the longest period you can receive the BAföG for has been increased by one semester.

Financial assistance

Information about financial assistance for students during the crisis is available on the website Financial help for students.

Opening times

The THU buildings are open from Monday until Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm. The University of Applied Sciences is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Information from the Studierendenwerk Ulm (Ulm Students' Union)

On its website, the Studierendenwerk Ulm (Ulm Students' Union) will keep you updated about subjects such as reduced mensa opening times, the Semester Ticket, options for increasing the length of your stay in student accommodation, support for studying with a child or financial assistance during the corona crisis. It also highlights various options for getting advice.

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