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Temporary financial assistance (Überbrückungshilfe) extended until the end of September

Special regulations and financial assistance for students during the Corona crisis

In addition to the student loans from the Development Loan Corporation (KfW) (interest-free loans until December 31, 2021), you can also apply for temporary financial assistance (Überbrückungshilfe). These grants must not be repaid and can be applied for by both domestic and foreign students. Until the end of the summer semester this year, the temporary financial assistance (Überbrückungshilfe) from the BMBF is intended to help students who can prove they are suffering severe hardship as a result of the pandemic, and who require immediate assistance. The receipt of loans, scholarships or similar in the month concerned does not preclude the opportunity to receive a grant. Depending on proven need, a non-repayable grant of between EUR 100 and EUR 500 can be paid out. The size of the grant depends upon your bank balance on the day before the application is made online. The applications must be made individually for each month. Applications can only be made via the online portal. There is no legal entitlement to the temporary financial assistance (Überbrückungshilfe). You will find all the information on government financial assistance for students suffering severe hardship as a result of the pandemic here.

On the Ulm Students' Union (Studierendenwerk Ulm) website, along with information on Mensa opening times and how to increase the length of your stay in student accommodation, you will also find information about "financial assistance during the corona crisis".

Due to the corona crisis, in Baden-Württemberg the standard study period in the 2020 Summer Semester and in the 2020/21 Winter Semester have each been extended by one semester by law. This means the standard study period has been extended by two semesters for all students who were enrolled at the THU before the 2020/21 Winter Semester. The standard study period has been extended by one semester for students who began their studies from the 2020/21 Winter Semester onwards. This is especially important for students who receive a BaFöG grant: because the maximum duration for financial assistance is linked to the standard study period – as per the State Higher Education Act – the longest period you can receive the BAföG for has also been increased at the same time. Specific information is available from the Ulm Students' Union (Studierendenwerk Ulm).

At THU, the extension of the standard study period means that deadlines which would result in a loss of the right to take examinations if you missed them during the 20/21 Winter Semester, will be extended by one semester without you needing to make an application. All the examinations planned in the course and examination regulations will take place. Examinations to be taken in person will be held in compliance with the strict regulations of the Corona Order issued by the State of Baden-Württemberg. All people involved in the examinations are obliged to comply with the THU hygiene regulations (wear a mask, keep your distance etc.) Wherever possible, examinations will be held online. However, this is only possible for a small number of examinations, for reasons of legal certainty, fairness and comparability of examinations. The examinations are an offer by the THU, not an obligation. If you simply do not turn up for an examination, this counts as an approved withdrawal from the examination. However, we request you inform the examiner via e-mail in advance to aid organization of the examinations.

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