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How do I apply?

Energy Information Management

We are delighted that you are interested in the degree program Energy Information Management (EIM). We hope the following information will help you find your feet quickly and allow you to secure a place at our University of Applied Sciences successfully. Student Services (SSC) are happy to answer your questions and will support you on your way to studying at Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Good luck, we look forward to meeting you!

​To your desired degree program in three steps:

  1. Please register yourself on
  2. You can find important information about DoSV, the new Germany-wide admissions process here.

  3. Select the degree program Energy Information Management (EIM)

  4. Fill out the Application for Admission, print it, sign it and send it to Ulm University of Applied Sciences (SSC) along with the required accompanying documentation.

The following link plays an external video from (embedded with extended data protection).


Please note: from the 2017/18 Winter Semester, international students and students taking a second or further degree may be charged a fee. Exemptions and exceptions for international student fees will only be considered upon submission of the information form with the required documentation. You will find this in the Checklist. In addition, foreign students please note the deadlines of the Studienkolleg Konstanz. You must take these into account to acquire proof of required language proficiency and recognition of officially-certified certificates.

Admission prerequisites

The prerequisite for admission to the degree program EIM is a successful general qualification for university entrance (school-leaving certificate), an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, or a subject-specific higher-education entrance qualification. Furthermore, people in employment who have successfully completed a master craftsman's diploma or vocational training equivalent to a master craftsman's diploma may also apply. In this case, an interview for the chosen degree program is required. Evidence of this interview must be submitted by the close of applications. Those with vocational qualifications also have the chance to study at Ulm University of Applied Sciences via an aptitude test and an application interview.

Application deadline

The degree program EIM is offered in both the Winter and the Summer Semester. Applications for the Winter Semester can be made until July 15, applications for the Summer Semester can be made until January 15. Please note: Due to the postponed Abitur examinations, the close of applications for the 21/22 Winter Semester is July 31, 2021. These are cut-off dates. That means applications which are received later will not be considered, even if missing the deadline was not your fault. Here it is the date which the application reaches the University of Applied Sciences which is important, and not the postmark. Since your application can only be processed if all the documentation is complete and submitted by the deadline, we recommend that you apply early so that any questions arising can be clarified in time before the close of applications.

Admissions process

After you have submitted your application documentation, you should check the status of your application regularly on There is no limit to the study places available on the degree program EIM (no numerus clausus).

After you receive your Notification of Admission letter (via, you have 10 days in which to enroll, either in writing or in person. You can find the precise dates and enrollment requirements in the Notification of Admission letter.


If you are accepted to study at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a written Notification of Admission via, giving you all the information you need about enrollment. Please read the information carefully and adhere to the specified registration period.

To enroll at Ulm University of Applied Sciences you must present the documents specified in the Notification of Admission to the SSC, along with evidence that you have paid the administration fee and the fee for the Students' Union. As confirmation of enrollment, you will be issued with a semester ID card (chip card) and enrollment certificates for the current semester.

If you are not able to register yourself, then we need your written authorization stating who can register on your behalf.