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Erlernen Sie die Fähigkeiten, komplexe, verteilte und große Informationssysteme zu verste­hen, zu entwerfen und zu implementieren, sowohl in der Praxis als auch in der Forschung.

Intelligent Systems

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Program-specific information on studying under Corona conditions

From the 2020/21 Winter Semester, the Master's degree program Intelligent Systems will replace the program Information Systems.

The amount of information available digitally is growing at a breathtaking rate. Both technical trends, such as the digitalization of media and processes, and social trends, such as pervasive social networks, contribute to this development. Whoever is able to strategically analyze, structure and use this gigantic flood of data and its interconnections has a competitive advantage.

The ability to understand and build such systems is founded on the latest research results, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence and data science. This also includes the fact that systems are now able to learn selected capabilities more or less independently, instead of having to be programmed with them.

Based on scientific methodology, in three semesters, the English-language Master’s degree program Intelligent Systems (ISY) will enable you to understand, design and implement complex, cognitive and decision-capable systems. This applies for applications in both industry and research. It will prepare you for challenging scientific roles in application-oriented computer science, as well as for managerial roles in the IT sector.

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To apply for the Master’s degree program ISY, you need a Bachelor’s degree in a computer science related subject. You must have at least 60 ECTS credits acquired from the study of computer science-based subjects. Another prerequisite is successful participation in a selection interview, where you must achieve a grade of at least "pass" (4.0). As the lectures are conducted in English, excellent written and spoken English is an additional pre-requisite.

Course schedule

The individual modules on the Master’s degree program are each assigned to one of four subject groups: Artificial Intelligence, Design and Realization of Complex IT Systems, IT Management and Elective Modules. An important feature of the degree program is the “Intelligent Systems Project”, which is spread over the first two semesters. This explores subjects related to current research topics at the Department of Computer Science, in project teams made up of four to six students.

As this degree program is also intended for international students, lectures will be conducted in English.

After successful completion of the degree program you will be awarded the academic degree title “Master of Science”.

Career prospects

The degree program is accredited and will qualify you to enter the civil service on the “höheren Dienst” career path. It will also qualify you to undertake a doctoral degree.

Successful completion of the Master’s degree program ISY will provide you with excellent career prospects. As the study “JobTrends Deutschland 2015” by Staufenbiel shows, computer scientists are the stars of the jobs market. For 2015, almost half of the organizations were expecting a similarly high demand as for the previous year, and 38 per cent even expected an increased demand for IT graduates. The companies are also optimistic when they look ahead to the coming five years: 15 per cent specified their need as “strongly increasing” and 51 per cent as “increasing”. Here a Master’s degree can offer you particularly good career chances. According to the study, 92 percent of companies prefer computer scientists with a Master’s qualification.​​

Certified quality

By deciding to undertake a quality-assured degree program at Ulm University of Applied Sciences you are well prepared for the future. All our Bachelor's and Master's degree courses are accredited. As part of the accreditation, the feasibility of the degree program, the contents of the course of study and the suitability of the course's graduates for the requirements of their future careers are assessed. This means that you will receive a degree qualification which is recognized and quality-certified, which will help you with the recognition of your degree program – both nationally and internationally. The accreditation of the degree programs at Ulm University of Applied Sciences offers students and employers a reliable guide regarding the quality of the degree programs.​


The following documentation refers in part to the predecessor degree program Information systems.

Course and examination regulations

​English translation of the course and examination regulations

Overview of all course and examination regulations

Overview of the examination plans

​The course and examination regulations define the conditions and legal requirements for a proper degree course.

​English translation of the course and examination regulations. Please note that only the German version of the course and examination regulations is legally valid.

Please also note that if you are already a registered student at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, it might be that a different version of the course and examination regulations apply for you. The course and examination regulations which were in effect when you started your course are the ones which apply. If in doubt, please contact your .

Examination plans for the current semester for all Master's degree programs.

Module handbook (English) IS

Module handbook (English) ISY
​The module handbook describes the modules belonging to the degree course, their content, the intended learning outcomes, and the form of academic assessment.

Please note: the module handbook / module list is updated by March 1 for the relevant Summer Semester and by September 1 for the relevant Winter Semester, and is valid from this point onwards. Please contact your program adviser if you have questions regarding earlier module descriptions.
Studies during the winter semester 20/21
​Here, you'll find specific information regarding the teaching activities of your study course during the winter semester. For more general information regarding the corona virus conditions of the semester, visit

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