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Die Inhalte des Studiengangs Wirtschaftsinformatik orientieren sich am aktuellen Bedarf der Wirtschaft. Der Studiengang befähigt seine Absolventen dazu Informationssystem zu entwickeln und in Unternehmen anzuwenden. Im Bild zu sehen ein Student.

Business Information Systems

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

IT processes have become an essential component of businesses.Large quantities of conventional and multimedia data are collected, processed and transmitted for diverse purposes.To be able to use data sensibly for operational purposes, systematic information processing methods must be applied.Furthermore, company operations in the form of business processes must be modelled and implemented efficiently using information technology.But how can the worlds of business and computer science be combined?This is where business information systems specialists are needed!

With our interdisciplinary degree programme Business Information Systems (WF), in seven semesters you will learn how the fields of business and computer science can ideally interact with each other.This joint programme with Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences will equip you with the business studies knowledge and methods, application-related IT skills and practical project experience you need to develop information systems and use them in companies.This means the course content is aligned with the current needs of industry.

You can also take this degree programme with in-depth practical experience.​​

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You can apply for the degree programme WF if you have an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, a subject-specific higher-education entrance qualification, a general qualification for university entrance or a comparable qualification.Previous knowledge from a former career or training course is not required, but would help you make a good start.

Furthermore, you are expected to have an interest in both disciplines featured in the degree programme.You need to be enthusiastic about computer science as well as understanding the commercial contexts.

Course schedule

Over a total of seven semesters, in this degree programme you will receive an interdisciplinary education thanks to the perfect combination of business studies and computer science.In the basic study period, which includes all modules up to the end of the second taught semester, subjects such as mathematics, programming, project management, general and specialist business studies, accounting and business and IT law are taught.

The main study period extends from the third to the seventh semester. The practical project in the sixth semester – where you work at a company of your choice – is intended to teach you about the application scenarios for commercial information systems.In the seventh semester, the Bachelor thesis follows directly on from the practical project.As this is a joint degree programme with Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences, the commercial subjects are taught at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences and the technical subjects are taught at Ulm University of Applied Sciences.This combines the expertise of both Universities of Applied Sciences.After successful completion of this degree programme you will be awarded the academic degree title "Bachelor of Science".

Module list

Career prospects

As a graduate of this degree programme, you will have an internationally-competitive qualification which opens up a wide range of career opportunities in industry and commerce, in finance and software companies, and in associations and local authorities.The interdisciplinary course structure results in diverse fields of application, ranging from application development and process optimisation right through to performance capabilities.

Previous experience has proven that there is a strong demand for business information systems specialists on the jobs market.Business Information Systems is a growth market which is far from saturation and which – thanks to user demand and new laws and regulations – is continuously extending its scope. As a Business Information Systems graduate, your career prospects are also excellent in the long-term.

Certified quality

By deciding to undertake a quality-assured degree programme at Ulm University of Applied Sciences you are well prepared for the future.All the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses at Ulm University of Applied Sciences are accredited.As part of the accreditation, the feasibility of the degree programme, the contents of the course of study and the suitability of the course's graduates for the requirements of their future careers are assessed.This means that you will receive a degree qualification which is recognised and quality-certified, which will help you with the recognition of your degree programme – both nationally and internationally.The accreditation of the degree programmes at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences offers students and employers a reliable guide regarding the quality of the degree programmes.


Course and examination regulations

Overview of all course and examination regulations

​The course and examination regulations define the conditions and legal requirements for a proper degree course.If you are taking this course "with in-depth practical experience", the same course and examination regulations apply.

Please note: if you are already a registered student at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, it might be that a different version of the course and examination regulations apply for you.The course and examination regulations which were in effect when you started your course are the ones which apply.If in doubt, please contact your .

Module handbook

​The module handbook describes the modules belonging to the degree course, their content, the intended learning outcomes, and the form of academic assessment.

Please note: the module handbook / module list is updated by March 1 for the relevant summer semester and by September 1 for the relevant winter semester, and is valid from this point onwards.Please contact your programme adviser if you have questions regarding earlier module descriptions.

Computer Science degree programmes booklet

​The booklet contains an overview of all the degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Computer Science, as well as information on the course aims and content, the structure of the course and the professional profile.

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