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How do I organise my studies?

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Chip card and IT services

At the start of your studies, you are often faced with many questions: where do I need to go, who is responsible for what and what do I need to know?
We hope the following information will help to make starting your course as easy as possible.
The staff at the Centre of Information and Media (IMZ) at the Hochschule Ulm are happy to help you with all technical questions regarding your university account, your e-mail address, Wi-Fi access or your chip card.


Chip card/Student ID card

Your Student ID card will accompany you from your very first day to your very last day at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences.
As a multifunctional chip card, it gives you numerous options for making everyday student life easier: it is a student ID card, bus ticket, library card and students' union prepaid cash card in one.
You can get your ID card from Ms Volpe in Room C 029a.

Cashless payments

You can use your student ID card for cashless payments in the canteen (Mensa), the cafeteria, and for all the dispensing machines.

To do this, you must top up your card with cash or your EC card, using the machines provided in the canteen and cafeteria.


For printing, copying and scanning: once you have registered, hold your ID card against a Bizhub C284 type printer.
On selecting the function "Follow-print", initially your printing tasks will wait in a queue. Only when you have logged on to one of the devices will you be able to select and print your documents. You can top up your printer account at the terminals in Rooms F34 (Prittwitzstrasse), S202 (Albert-Einstein-Allee) or N01 (Eberhard-Finckh Strasse).


As a student, you are able to park your car for free at all three Hochschule Ulm locations.

Just hold your student ID card in front of the car park entrance terminal to open the barrier.

Travelling by bus

Your ID card gives you free bus travel between the stops "Örlinger Straße" and "Egertweg" (Line 4).
This means, as a Hochschule Ulm student, you can travel for free between the Prittwitzstrasse campus and our site in Böfingen.
You can also use your student ID card to travel for free on the DING network, on weekdays from 6 pm and all day at the weekend or on bank holidays.


Your chip card serves as an election registration card for student elections.

Using the library

All the locations at the Hochschule Ulm have a library.

Your chip card permits you to borrow textbooks in the fields of computing and engineering, as well as journals, newspapers and data carriers.

University account (Hochschulaccount)

The services of the Centre of Information and Media (IMZ) can be used by all members and affiliates of the Hochschule Ulm.
Every student at the Hochschule Ulm receives their own access authorisation (Hochschulaccount) and a university mailbox. The account is used for authentication to use IT services on campus or from outside.
You can get an account by showing your (student) ID card to Ms Dobisch in Room F41.


Every student at the Hochschule Ulm receives their own university mailbox.
You should check your mailbox regularly so you don't miss any important information. Automatic forwarding to a private address is not permitted. However, you can set up a notification for your private e-mail addresses.
You can call up your mailbox using Outlook Web Access with your username and password.


The Hochschule Ulm is a participant in the Eduroam Project.
Education Roaming (eduroam) is an initiative providing students and staff at participating universities with Wi-Fi internet access at all the locations of participating universities worldwide, without having to apply for guest access. You only need access authorisation for the Hochschule Ulm to participate.
You can find help and important information about setting up a Wi-Fi connection in our instructions.


If you want to connect to the Hochschule Ulm network from outside the campus, you will need a VPN connection.
The "virtual private network" (VPN) enables participants in a private network to connect to a different private network. You can download the VPN client here.
If you need help installing the VPN client, you will find detailed instructions here.



The Hochschule Ulm is a member of Microsoft's "DreamSpark Premium" programme.
This enables you, as a student, to use different Microsoft software products for free. To access DreamSpark Premium, you will first need to register with the e-academy License Management System (ELMS). You will need your university account to register for this. After you have registered, it can take up to two days before you are able to access DreamSpark Premium.
Then you can log on to the system and use the software products offered by your faculty's WebStore.

Office 365 ProPlus

As a student at the Hochschule Ulm, you can use Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for an annual fee of 4.99 €.
The software can be installed on up to 5 PCs, MACs and iPads.
For 365 days (from activation), Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote (not for MAC)
  • Publisher (not for MAC)
  • Access (not for MAC)
  • Lync
Version updates are included so that you can always use the latest version of Office.

You can find more information at Co.Tec

Course Starter App

The Hochschule Ulm Course Starter App can help you with many questions in the first semester: What does my timetable look like?
Where can I find my lecture room? Who are my contact partners? What is there to eat in the canteen?
By the way: the app was developed by graduates from the Computer Science Department.

Teaching, studying, research – LSF (Lehre, Studium, Forschung)

The LSF is an online portal for students, would-be students, teachers and staff; displaying classes and associated information such as rooms, times and people.

As a student at the Hochschule Ulm, you can use it, for example, to register/deregister for examinations, or to sign up for elective modules.

You can access the portal here.

Self-service functions

You can update your personal details, such as your address and telephone number, online using the self-service function.
You can use this website to see an overview of your grades, or download registration status certificates – for example for your BAföG application.
Here a word of advice: save all your registration status certificates, as different government agencies may ask for them, even years later.


e-Learning should provide you with all the opportunities of modern communication media, to make teaching and learning at the University of Applied Sciences as effective and efficient as possible.
In e-Learning you will find all the courses for your degree programme, as well as other features such as evaluations or similar.
You can get all the information for this from the Institute for Academic Instruction (IHD).


About the chip card


Information Services - Library, IT & Online-Media
Room: F34
Prittwitzstrasse 10
89075 Ulm
Fon: +49 (0)731 50-28198

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