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Welcome to Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to Ulm University of Applied Sciences

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The International Office

​Are you interested in studying at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, or would you like to do an exchange semester with us? The Ulm University of Applied Sciences offers many opportunities to enrich your academic and professional career. Studying at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences means close contact between students and professors, small class sizes and many practically-oriented projects.

We look forward to welcoming you to our University of Applied Sciences and hope you will enjoy your stay with us! This is why the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt – AAA) supports and advises all our international students: exchange students from our partner universities, international undergraduates who decide to do their Bachelor's or Master's degree at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, as well as researchers, lecturers and visitors from across the globe.
General information about studying in Germany can be found here.

First Steps / General information for Exchange Students

The International Office (AAA) is responsible for the university's contacts abroad, promoting and maintaining contractual relationships with partner universities. The International Office provides information and general guidance to the students of Ulm University of Applied Sciences regarding the possible ways of spending a semester abroad, as well as Student Exchange programs. The International Office also organizes orientation weeks for foreign students coming from partner universities, plans excursions, informs about student life in Ulm and helps exchange students in finding suitable accommodation. 
Exchange students are asked to go to the International Office of their home university to get some general information about the conditions and application deadlines. Exchange students will be nominated by the International Office of the sending university. 
On the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) webpage, you will find further information and some videos about studying in Germany

Exchange Students

Do you want to study at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences for one or two semesters and get some international experience? No problem! 
We offer some special Bachelor and Master level engineering, business and media courses for international students, which are taught in English. Our International Engineering Programs (IEP) run for three months. They offer a variety of different courses in the fields of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (IMEP), Computer Science/Engineering (ICEP), and Electrical Engineering (IEEP). The lectures are accredited, allowing students to transfer credits back home. The brochures for the programs in Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering can be found under Downloads (see below). Please note that the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Program (IMEP) is only offered from October until December and the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Programs (IEEP and ICEP) are only offered from April until June.
We also offer different full semester programs. These courses are offered during the regular German semester periods, which means they start at the beginning of October and end in mid-February or they start in the beginning of March and end in late July.
Mixing IEP courses and semester program courses is not possible. You can find a list of all courses taught in English under Downloads.
More information about our IMEP, ICEP, IEEP, SPiB and SPEEC programs.
Would you rather do a practical semester at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences? We offer international students the option of doing a project or practical semester in one of our laboratories. This can also be done as part of a Bachelor's or Master's thesis. In this case, have a look at the different institutes on our website and tell us which field of research you are interested in. Please send us a scanned letter of motivation, a CV and a transcript of your certificates, so we can ask different professors in our faculties to find a suitable tutor. We also maintain a list of different projects offered by our professors.

International Degree Seeking Students

International students who wish to come to Ulm University of Applied Sciences as Degree seeking students should contact the Students` Service Center:
Students' Service Center
Room: E07 
Prittwitzstrasse 10 
89075 Ulm 
Fon: +49 (731) 50-28025 
Office Hours:
Mo.,Tu. and Th. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
We. and Fr. 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
and by arrangement
Are you an international student applicant with a German general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification certificate? Then please address your application directly to the Students' Service Centre (SSC) at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Applications for study places are made online via our application portal.
If you are an international student applicant with foreign qualifications, you will need to go to the Studienkolleg Konstanz first. This also applies for applicants from EU countries. In the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Studienkolleg Konstanz is the central information and advice point for international student applicants. There you can get the necessary application for admission as well as information on applying for and financing your course. If necessary, you can also visit a Studienkolleg to gain a German single year higher education entrance qualification, which will prepare you for the assessment test. As soon as the prerequisites have been met through the Studienkolleg Konstanz, you can make your application to Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Applications for the summer semester can be made until January 15th of the relevant year, applications for the winter semester can be made until July 15th (Please note: the English taught Computer Science Bachelor program has different application deadlines, please look at the Students' Service Center's web page).

Are you a Chinese potential student? Then you must send your documents to the Akademische Prüfstelle des Kulturreferates der Deutschen Botschaft Peking (APS) first, at the following address:

Akademische Prüfstelle des Kulturreferates der Deutschen Botschaft Peking 
Landmark Tower 2, Büro 0311
8 Dongsanhuanbeilu Chaoyang district
1000004 Beijing, VR China

To apply, please go directly to the degree course you chose, then follow the instructions on the subpage "information on applying".
Starting winter semester 2017/18, universities in Baden-Württemberg will begin charging moderate tuition fees for non-EU international students

Preparatory Course for international prospective students

Ulm University, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences and Ulm University of Applied Sciences offer a preparatory course for international prospective students who wish to apply for a German speaking study program. It includes an intensive linguistic as well as general and subject specific preparation for your studies. More information can be found here


Exchange students

You should be nominated by your home university first. We will then send you the link to our online application form which also includes the housing request form and the language proficiency form. A TOEFL test or a German language certificate is not required, but you should be able to follow lectures in English or German (level B1/B2). The deadline for the next spring semester is November 1st; the deadline for the next winter semester is May 1st.
After you have been accepted by the appropriate university department, you will receive a letter with general information, an admission letter and some important information concerning arrival dates and your stay in Ulm. You should make sure you arrive on the dates specified and be present at the registration days. Our arrival dates are the first working day of March, April, September or October.
You may find interesting facts about living and studying in Ulm here.

Financial Assistance

For each semester, the International Office gives a limited amount of financial assistance. 

Exchange students: 
The Ulm University of Applied Sciences informs the partner universities in case scholarships are available. Usually the selection is done by the sending institution. 

International students: 
Ulm University of Applied Sciences has some limited funding for international degree seeking students. The assistance is intended for foreign students in the final phase of their studies. That means: international students may receive financial assistance in their last or penultimate semester. Other criteria are merit and need. The assistance should primarily prevent financial hardship for examination candidates who have previously partially funded their studies by working. The awarding and amount of the scholarships is decided by the selection committee made up of professors and International Office staff. First and foremost, the assistance is awarded for the semester in which the thesis is to be written.

If you wish to apply for financial assistance to complete your degree, please be aware of the following: The application must always be made in the semester before you wish to receive the assistance. You do not need to know the subject of your thesis or have it registered at the time when you apply. The expectation that you will be able to finish your degree in the next semester or the one after that, based on your existing grades, is sufficient.


Director International Office

Stephanie Wagner,

Prittwitzstrasse 10, Room: E03b

89075 Ulm

Fon: +49 (731) 50-28272


Anita Everett

Prittwitzstrasse 10, Room: E03a

89075 Ulm

Fon: +49(731) 50-28457


Jeanette Kolb

Prittwitzstrasse 10, Room: E04b

89075 Ulm

Fon +49 (731) 50-28023



Information about the Buddy-Program for international students at Ulm University of Applied Sciences.

What is a "Buddy"?
A Buddy is a German student who will pick you up at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences after your arrival. She/he will show you the dorm, the city and the University. If you have any questions about the life in Ulm you can ask her or him. But she/he will not only help you with organizational questions. She/he knows where to go out in the evening and might also turn into a good friend here.

Why would I need a Buddy?
If it is your first time in a new city or in another country, for sure you will have a lot of questions. We created the Buddy-Program to ensure that you will have a great time here in Ulm at the University.

How and when can I apply for a Buddy?
The International Office will send you a link to the registration some weeks before your arrival in Ulm.

What can I expect from my Buddy?
Prior to your arrival, your Buddy will contact you via email, so you can exchange interests and hobbies with her/him. Your Buddy will pick you up at your arrival, bring you to your dorm and answer your questions about the life here in Ulm. She/he won't be there to answer your questions 24/7 and you can't expect from him to meet with you every day, because you may not be the only international student he will help and he may also have to do a lot for his studies.

What can I ask my Buddy, with what questions should I go to the International Office?
You can ask her/him everything in connection with the life in Ulm and the university e.g. where to get a haircut or a good coffee. Everything that is official or related to your studies will be answered at the International Office. (dormitory, health insurance, visa, banking, registration, academic matters ...)

If I don't get along with my Buddy or if he doesn't answer when I have a question, what do I do?
You can always ask one of the tutors of the International Office. They will help you whenever they can.

Who can I ask if I have questions about the City/Study/University my Buddy can’t answer?
Ask the tutors of the International Office. They will tell you what to do.

Danube Universities

Danube universities is a trans-regional, voluntary partnership project between universities along the Danube which focuses on renewable energy and efficient use of energy.

Forms of cooperation of the Danube universities

  • Summer schools for sustainable energy and special themes
  • Know-how transfer
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Development of common educational projects
  • Exchange among students during their studies as well as for practical training
  • Exchange of professors
  • Common research projects

Read more at: Danube universities


Course Descriptions

General Information

International Office
Room: E03a
Prittwitzstraße 10
89075 Ulm
Fon: +49 (0)731 50-28457
Mo-Th 9:30am-11:30am
Mo-Th 1:30pm-2:30pm