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Das Studierenden-Service-Center hilft Ihnen bei allen Themen rund um Einschreibung und Beratung. Auf dem Bild zu sehen: Ein Student bei der Beratung.

Deciding what to study | School contacts | Student Advisory Service

From deciding what to study through to a successful qualification

A warm welcome to students from Ukraine! Українські студенти запрошуються на навчання

Latest information:

Student Services (SSC) is available for you: at any time with a response as quick as possible by e-mail

Apart from exceptions with good reasons, individual advice for students will be given via telephone or in a video conference.

During the application phase, we offer webinars to interested students about the THU and our degree courses. In addition, a field of study will be presented in a webinar each month. Find out more on the webinar info page.

Are you interested in studying at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, but you still have a few questions? We'll find the answers together!

As a teacher or a school, could you imagine a cooperation or joint project with the THU, or an excursion to visit us? That's great! Get in touch with us so we can offer you a program tailored to your needs.

Are you already enrolled at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, and are looking for some support? Our Student Advisory Service can help.

Deciding what to study

  • Which degree program is the right one for me?
  • Do I fulfill the requirements for the course I want to do?
  • How does the admissions process work?

The THU student adviser Dr. Matthias Klepsch is the contact person for all potential students who would like to find out more about Ulm University of Applied Sciences and the degree programs we offer.


Dr. Matthias Klepsch
Student Advisory Service
Room A208 | Prittwitzstrasse 10 | 89075 Ulm
Tel.: +49 731 50-28067 

(we check the answer machine every working day)
Detailed information on the individual courses of study can also be obtained from the respective Deans of Studies. Please contact the secretariat of your desired bachelor's or master's degree program to make an appointment.
The Student Services (SSC) team will guide you through the application and admissions process until your enrollment, and is available for advice and coordination for all matters concerning your studies at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences.


Student Services (SSC)
Prittwitzstrasse 10 | 89075 Ulm
Tel.: +49 731 50-28025 | Fax: +49 731 50-28270
Tel.: +49 731 50-28026 | Fax: +49 731 50-28270

Available for consultation
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
9 am –12 noon
and by appointment

Monday 8:30 am –11:30 am and 2 pm –3 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am –11:30 am
Wednesday 8:30 am –11 am
and by appointment

Cooperation with teachers and schools

As a teacher, are you interested in a cooperation with Ulm University of Applied Sciences? Or

  • do you have an idea for a project with THU?
  • would you like to find out more about the projects offered by THU?
  • would you like to have a THU professor come and teach a technical or MINT lesson in your school?
  • are you planning an excursion and, by visiting the THU, wish to enable the school class to experience technology with a practical emphasis?
  • are you generally interested in what THU has to offer?

Then don't hesitate to get in touch!

Careers and course advice for students from the Agentur für Arbeit Ulm (Job Center)

THU works closely with the Course and Careers Adviser at the Agentur für Arbeit Ulm, Mr. Joachim Bartos. In particular, he advises all THU students who

  • are planning to specialize or do a Master's degree program,
  • having doubts about their choice of course and are researching alternatives,
  • would like to find out about potential careers after university.

You can find more information and contact details on the Agentur für Arbeit Ulm website.
Students will be informed via e-mail about the two dates per semester when Mr. Bartos comes to THU to talk to students.

Advice for students

During your studies, questions and problems concerning life and learning can arise in all kinds of situations. Sometimes you just need information, sometimes you need guidance and individual advice.

  • Organizing your studies You can get support from our Student Adviser, Dr. Matthias Klepsch, and from the relevant program adviser for your degree program (Contact details on the info page for your degree program)
  • Preparing for exams efficiently You can get support, for example advice on learning (free of charge and invaluable!) from the Institute for Teaching Excellence (IHD)
  • Fear of examinations or psychological problems You can get support from the Ulm Students' Union Psychosocial Support Center
  • Doubts about course choice | looking for alternatives | potential careers after university   You can get support from Joachim Bartos, Course and Careers Adviser at the Agentur für Arbeit Ulm, who works together closely with the THU Student Advisory Service.


Dr. Matthias Klepsch
Student Advisory Service
Room A 208 | Prittwitzstrasse 10 | 89075 Ulm
Tel.: +49 731 50-28067 
(we check the answer machine every working day)
Available for consultation
by appointment

Support for studying with a child

You'd like to study, but you're worried how you will manage to combine your studies with caring for your child? You find advice and support on our page A family friendly University of Applied Sciences. Please contact us at​ if you have any questions. You can find the most important details about what Ulm University of Applied Sciences can offer summarized in our flyer: A family friendly University of Applied Sciences. 

Contact: Family friendly University of Applied Sciences
Equality Representative Prof. Dr. Barbara Streppel
Room Q233 | Albert-Einstein-Allee 55 | 89080 Ulm
Tel: +49 (0731) 50-28549

Advice on learning

The advice on learning offered by THU is free of charge and invaluable! The team at the Institute for Teaching Excellence is happy to help you with:
Preparing for examinations
Selecting strategies for learning
Putting together a study plan
Finding support services (for example, for examination nerves)
We would be happy to give you feedback on your current learning behavior and help you to study even more efficiently. Advice on learning is confidential, individual, entertaining and helpful!

Contact in confidence.


Institute for Teaching Excellence
Room S 105 | Albert-Einstein-Allee 55 | 89081 Ulm
Tel: +49 (0731) 50-28584
Prof. Dr. Harald Groß
Room Q 235 | Albert-Einstein-Allee 55 | 89081 Ulm
Tel: +49 (0731) 50-28535