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What do you need to consider when enrolling and re-registering?

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International students and those studying for a second degree

Please note: from the 2017/18 Winter Semester, in Baden-Württemberg international students must pay course fees of EUR 1500 per semester and those studying for a second degree must pay course fees of EUR 650 per semester. You can find out more about the possibilities for exceptions or exemptions from paying fees here.


If you are already enrolled at Ulm University of Applied Sciences and you wish to continue your studies in the next semester, you must re-register before the deadline expires. The re-registration period generally ends on July 15 for the following Winter Semester and on January 15 for the following Summer Semester. Re-registrationoccurs by paying the semester fees and course fees by bank transfer. You will receive specific information in advance via e-mail to your university account about how much and by when you need to pay.

If you do not re-register within the specified period, you will receive one warning only. Students who do not re-register must be removed from the register of students.

Please note that applications to be exempted from course fees must be submitted before the start of lectures. The semester fees must always be paid. Please note that a library account overdrawn by more than EUR 20 can only be re-registered once you have paid all monies owed.

Overview of fees

​1. The fee for the Ulm Students' Union, applicable from September 1, 2020 covers the following:
  • Social contribution: EUR 50.00
  • Semester ticket basic payment: EUR 32.00
​EUR 82.00
2. ​​Administration costs for the State of Baden-Württemberg from WS 2017/18​
​EUR ​70.00
​​3. Semester fee for the Ulm Students' Council (VS)
​​EUR​ 15.00
​4. One-off service payment
​EUR​ 10.00 ​
​​Total fees upon enrollment
​​EUR​ 177.00
​​Total fees upon re-registration
​EUR​ 167.00​

Under certain conditions, reimbursement of the fees is possible.

The following special rules apply for degree programs in cooperation with other universities:

Degree program CSE in cooperation with Ulm University

The fees are paid to Ulm University. You can find more information on the Ulm University website.

Degree program SENCE in cooperation with the Rottenburg and HFT Stuttgart universities of applied sciences

You can enroll at any of the three participating universities of applied sciences, depending on your preference. The fees for the relevant university of applied sciences apply.

Degree program WI,WIL, WF and IG with Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

For joint degree courses with the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Ulm University of Applied Sciences charges the fees according to the following arrangement: 

​​​Degree program
​​Fee for the Students' Union
​​Administration costs
​​Students' Council fee 

TH Ulm

​​Business Information Systems
​​EUR 82,00
​​​EUR 35.00
​​EUR 7.50
​​​EUR 124.50  *
​​​Health Information Management
​​​EUR 82,00
​​​EUR 35.00
​​​EUR 7.50
​​​EUR 124.50  *

*plus the one-off service payment of EUR 10.00 to Ulm University of Applied Sciences. 

Information about the fees for the degree programs Industrial Engineering and Industrial Engineering/Logistics is provided by the admitting university, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences on its homepage.

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