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Wireless Communication Systems

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Wireless Communication Systems

Embedded wireless systems play a central role in linking future production and logistics systems – systems which must comply with the demands posed by strong product-individualization under highly flexible (series) production conditions (Industry 4.0). Here, the networking of the systems must be able to adapt itself autonomously to rapidly changing topologies, as well as supporting real-time applications on mobile nodes in the harsh environment of wireless signal propagation in industrial production plants. Intermeshed wireless systems – where radio front ends are used supported by multi-antenna technology and simultaneously with low-power consumption – are particularly suitable for these kinds of requirements, as well as connecting all kinds of devices relating to the "Internet of Things" to the network in general.
The research undertaken by the Wireless Communication Systems group at Ulm University of Applied Sciences concentrates on algorithms and concepts for autonomous wireless management and provision of sufficient quality of service (QoS) for the applications. Central points here are routing algorithms, as well as load balancing and congestion control processes, each on the second layer of the wireless system. The work group is also interested in developing low power RF front ends with multi-antenna technology for embedded wireless systems, supported by MIMO (multiple input-multiple output) processes for increasing capacity and stabilizing the wireless connections.

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