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Corona Information

Ulm, University of Applied decreed hygenic and health and safety measures for the duration of the corona pandemic. The measures apply to every person staying in the buildings and on the grounds of the University.


International degree programs at Ulm University of Applied Sciences

At least 50 per cent of the lectures of the international degree programmes at the THU take place in English. The learning content is systematically aligned with the needs of an internationalised jobs market.



Temporary financial assistance (Überbrückungshilfe) extended until the end of September

The corona pandemic is presenting many students with financial difficulties. To give help where it is needed, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has set up a scheme for temporary financial assistance as well as offering interest-free loans.


Upcoming events

  • 27.09.2021, 10:00 h – Introduction for new students by the President and Deans (Aula - Prittwitzstrasse)
  • 28.09.2021, 8:45 h – Communal service for students and lecturers of all denominations at the Church of St. Georg, Ulm
  • 28.09.2021, 9:50 h – Start of lectures for all semesters

Study program in focus

Business Information Systems

Learn how business administration and computer science can ideally interact with each other.At the end of your studies, you will be able to develop information systems for commercial purposes and apply them in companies.