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University Management

University Management

President's Office

Ulm University of Applied Sciences is managed by the President's Office. This comprises the President, three Vice Presidents and the Vice President of Administration and Finance. In particular, the President's Office is responsible for budgeting, staffing, received benefits and corporate assets, as well as structural and development planning, construction development, planning the budget, staff development, deploying the funding and positions available to the University of Applied Sciences, completion of University of Applied Sciences contracts and agreeing objectives.


Prof. Dr. Volker Reuter

Room: A 303d

Prittwitzstrasse 10

89075 Ulm

Tel +49 (0731) 50-28104


University of Applied Sciences Management, Structural and Development Planning

Vice President for Research and International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Marianne von Schwerin

Room: A 303b

Prittwitzstrasse 10

89075 Ulm

Tel +49 (0731) 50-28103

Fax +49 (0731) 50-28478


Research and International Affairs

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Dr. Sven Völker

Room: A 302

Prittwitzstrasse 10

89075 Ulm

Consultation: By appointment

Tel +49 (0731) 50-28106


Academic Affairs

Vice President for Digitalization

Prof. Dr. Klaus Baer
Raum: A 310
Prittwitzstraße 10
89075 Ulm
Sprechstunden: nach Vereinbarung
Fon +49 (0731) 50-28189


Vice President of Administration and Finance

Iris Teicher

Room: A 301

Prittwitzstrasse 10

89075 Ulm

Tel +49 (0731) 50-28108

Accounting and Human Resources

President's Office

Gebäude A, 3. OG

Prittwitzstrasse 10

89075 Ulm

Tel +49 (0731) 50-28105

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees supports the University of Applied Sciences: taking responsibility from a strategic perspective,

making decisions on structural and development planning and suggesting measures which serve to raise the profile of the University of Applied Sciences and improve performance and competitiveness – as well as supervising the management by the President's Office.

The Board of Trustees has nine members, of which five must not be members of the University of Applied Sciences.

External MembersDr. Martina Burgetsmeier

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Managing Director of exxcellent solutions GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Harald Molle

Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees

Managing Partner of NewTec GmbH

Dr. Christine Brach

Director System Integration, Bosch Rexroth AG

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Klaus Eder

Managing Director of Stadtwerke Ulm SWU

Dr. Tobias Mehlich

CEO of the Ulm Chamber of Trades


Internal Members
Csilla Csapo

Representative for international matters

Prof. Dr. Christian Dietrich

Department of Production Engineering and Production Economics

Prof. Dr. Ursula Weiß

Department of Mathematics, Natural and Economic Sciences

Prof. Dr. Joachim Werner

Department of Mathematics, Natural and Economic Sciences


Our Perception of Ourselves

Ulm University of Applied Sciences

People - Practical Experience - Science

Our Guiding Principles
  • We offer pioneering and practice-relevant degree programs with excellent support.
  • We are a premium partner for applied research and technology transfer.
  • We have regional roots and an international network.
  • We believe in responsibility, transparency and mutual appreciation.
  • We are committed to the principle of sustainable development.

Our Profile Areas

Against the backdrop of an increasingly technical and digitalized world, we have identified five profile areas which are important to us:

  • Modern Mobility
  • Digital Technologies
  • Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Technology in Health and Medicine
  • Intelligent Industrial Systems

Our Bachelor's degree programs form the foundation for these profile areas, and our Master's programs, research projects and transfer projects are all assigned to them too.

More information can be found in the flyer "Strategie 2028" (in German).