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Performance Management and Cost Accounting


  • Definitions of Performance, Management, Cost, Accounting

  • Financial Accounting in Germany and internationally; culture and financial accounting

  • IFRS and local GAAPs; practical examples from the energy industry

  • Period end accounting and continuous accounting; the mutual dependence of performance and risk management

  • various key performance indicators

  • WAAC, CAPM, EVA***amp;***trade;, alpha, beta

  • non-financial KPIs: BSC

  • the nationality of companies

  • period costing and the cost of sales method

  • cost types, relevant range, cost drivers

  • CVP-Analysis

  • the break-even point and beyond; operating leverage

  • inventory accounting: periodic and perpetual costing, RFID, specific identification, weighted average, LIFO, FIFO, LOFO and HIFO


Professional Competence:

  • understand in how far management accounting, cost accounting and financial accounting provide different types of information necessary for the “financial wellbeing” of companies of any size

  • identify different types of financial statements (local GAAPs, IFRS) and extract different aspects of relevant information about companies´ past performance

  • understand different KPIs and their limitations

  • state the meaning and scope of cost accounting

  • explain the objectives of cost accounting

  • state the importance and explain the limitations of cost accounting

Methodological Competence:

  • to know which type of accounting provides relevant answers when confronted with a manager´s need for support

  • to choose the costing method that will provide the best data for decision making in a certain context

  • to uncover cost saving potentials in processes

  • to suggest which KPIs might be used to adequately measure performance in a certain context

Interpersonal Skills:

  • provide relevant cost information for different internal stakeholders and make sure they see the benefit of such information

  • support management levels in decision-making processes with custom-made KPIs

  • in general understand the importance of having to “sell” accounting information to internal and external stakeholders


5 Punkte

Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen

  • Performance Management and Cost Accounting (90 min, Klausur)

Lehr- und Lernformen

  • Performance Management and Cost Accounting (4 SWS, Vorlesung)


  • Internationale Energiewirtschaft(IEW) - Pflichtmodul


Prof. Dr. Barbara Gaisbauer-Pointner


Dieter Buchberger


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