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CSE ist ein gemeinsamer Studiengang der Universität Ulm und der Hochschule Ulm. Auf dem Bild zu sehen, Studierende vor dem Computer.

Computational Science and Engineering

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

​Do you want to become an engineer and use IT systems to solve problems in science, medicine, economics and the life sciences?Then the course Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) could be perfect for you – our degree program for IT fans interested in science.

In many areas, the technical world and the virtual world are becoming progressively interlinked.This particularly applies to product development.Since carrying out experiments is expensive or often not possible, innovative products are increasingly created using sophisticated computer systems, mathematical modeling and simulation.

Together with Ulm University, in this six-semester degree program we enable you to get to grips with technical, engineering and scientific problems, model them mathematically, and use modern software to simulate and optimize them.In this joint degree program, the University's research-focus is united with the practical approach of the University of Applied Sciences.The course concept is funded under the joint initiative "Bologna - the future of teaching" by the Mercator Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation.​

You can also take this degree program with in-depth practical experience.

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There is no limit to the study places available on the Bachelor's degree program CSE (no numerus clausus).If you have a subject-specific higher-education entrance qualification, a general qualification for university entrance or a comparable qualification, you will definitely be awarded a place on the course.A pre-study internship is not required for this degree program.

Other important prerequisites to study CSE are an interest in mathematics and computing, as well as enthusiasm regarding natural science and engineering problems​.The virtual degree taster quiz will give you a comprehensive insight into the degree program and inform you about your strengths and weaknesses concerning the demands the degree program will place on you.We hope this will help you make the right decision about which course to take.

The degree program CSE is taught in the German language.Therefore, foreign applicants must provide evidence of the required proficiency in the German language.

Course schedule

The six-semester degree program focuses on the classical subjects of mathematics, computer science and the fundamentals of engineering and the natural sciences.These subjects provide a solid and broad education.

In the first four semesters you will be taught the basic tools you need to answer questions concerning engineering, natural sciences, medicine or life sciences using computer simulations.From the fifth semester onwards, you will be able to structure your course individually: a large selection of module options, numerous projects, and an internship lasting at least three months will allow you enough freedom to tailor your course to your inclinations and interests.In the fifth semester, thanks to the preplanned mobility option, you can also take part in an exchange program abroad without extending the duration of your course.The internship in the sixth semester is compulsory for this degree program, and will last at least three months.Alternatively, the internship can be extended to up to nine months, whereby the length of the course is extended to seven semesters.Finally, directly after the internship, comes the Bachelor thesis.After successful completion of this degree program you will be awarded the academic degree title "Bachelor of Science".

This degree course is a joint, interdisciplinary program with Ulm University. The University contributes to the curriculum mainly with its expertise in applied mathematics and computer science. The interdisciplinary subject "Modeling and Simulation" and the science and engineering modules are taught almost exclusively by Ulm University of Applied Sciences.​

Current course plans for this semester

Career prospects

As a graduate of this Bachelor's degree course, you will be in demand in many different industries.The development departments of large industrial companies, as well as small to medium-sized enterprises, need appropriately-trained experts in modeling and simulation for all types of optimization activities.Once you have successfully completed your degree course, you can work not only as a technical mathematician, but also as a development and research engineer, as a simulation engineer, a method developer or as a calculation engineer.

The involvement of the IHK Ulm in the degree program concept, as well as the planned internships and thesis work in industry will ensure you come into contact with industry early on. This will help ease your start into your career after your course has finished.​

Certified quality

By deciding to undertake a quality-assured degree program at Ulm University of Applied Sciences you are well prepared for the future.All the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses at Ulm University of Applied Sciences are accredited.As part of the accreditation, the feasibility of the degree program, the contents of the course of study and the suitability of the course's graduates for the requirements of their future careers are assessed.This means that you will receive a degree qualification which is recognized and quality-certified, which will help you with the recognition of your degree program – both nationally and internationally.The accreditation of the degree programs at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences offers students and employers a reliable guide regarding the quality of the degree programs


Course and examination regulations

Overview of all course and examination regulations
​The course and examination regulations define the conditions and legal requirements for a proper degree course.If you are taking this course "with in-depth practical experience", the same course and examination regulations apply.

Please note: if you are already a student enrolled at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, it might be that a different version of the course and examination regulations apply for you.The course and examination regulations which were in effect when you started your course are generally the ones which apply. To an overview of all course and examination regulations.If in doubt, please contact your .
Module handbook ​The module handbook describes the modules belonging to the degree course, their content, the intended learning outcomes, and the form of academic assessment.

Please note: the module handbook / module list is updated by March 1 for the relevant summer semester and by September 1 for the relevant winter semester, and is valid from this point onwards.Please contact your program adviser if you have questions regarding earlier module descriptions.
Flyer for this degree program ​​The flyer contains information about course prerequisites, making an application, the structure and content of the course and the professional profile.
CSE elective subject list ​List of the elective subjects already approved for the Bachelor's degree program CSE.
Forms for the internship ​CSE guidelines for the internship
Application form for the internship
Non-disclosure agreement form for the internship
​Forms for the thesis ​Application for approval of Bachelor thesis
Application for extension of Bachelor thesis
Application for approval of an external Bachelor thesis
Guidelines for external theses
Letters to companies
Non-disclosure agreement
Non-publication agreement 

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