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What are the organizational considerations for my studies?

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Here are some important organizational tips for your time studying at THU.
It is clearly advantageous to be familiar with the framework conditions for your degree program. Familiarize yourself with the regulations and structures early on, so that your studies run smoothly and so you will be able to look back on your time at university with fond memories.

Regulations and guidelines relevant for your degree program

The course and examination regulations describe the structure of the course and define the framework conditions for examinations. We expect you to be familiar with the regulations concerning your degree program. You can find the appropriate course and examination regulations and all the regulations and guidelines relevant to your degree program online.
Already enrolled students will find other important documentation on the President's Office webpage on the intranet.

Registration for classes

It is only in the basic study period that you are registered for classes and examinations completely automatically.

From the main study period on, and if you are doing a Master's, you are permitted to deviate from the specified semester plans.

Although you are currently automatically registered for all mandatory classes (in your respective taught semester) in the main study period or for your master's degree program, it is your responsibility to check that these are correct and, in addition, you must register yourself for elective subjects, extra subjects and alternative classes. The automatic booking of compulsory subjects runs until one week before lectures start. In contrast to the basic study period, here you have the chance to deregister from classes (deadline: two weeks after the start of lectures at the latest).

It is important that you re-register on time and that the file shows the correct taught semester! Otherwise, the automated pre-allocation will not work.

You must register for classes via LSF (online system for planning and allocating classes – and for deregistering from examinations). Find more details here.

Re-registration in the next semester

If you are already enrolled at Ulm University of Applied Sciences and you wish to continue your studies in the next semester, you must re-register before the deadline expires. The re-registration period generally ends three weeks before the end of lectures in the relevant semester. Re-registration occurs by paying the semester fees and course fees by bank transfer. Find out more here.

Applications and forms

General forms (for Bachelor's and Master's degree programs)

Registration / submission of theses

Non-disclosure agreement for thesis work and practical project report

Application for admission to a higher semester

Formal documentation of consultation on choice of degree program

Reimbursement of fees

Reimbursement of the Students' Union fee (Studierendenwerksbeitrag)

Leave of absence

Removal from the register of students

Special applications and forms for Master's degree programs

Studying part-time

Examination committee

Application for issue of diploma certificate

Confirmation of additional subject

Evaluation of the Master's Thesis

Extension of the Master's Thesis

Project work Electrical Energy Systems & Electromobility

Project work Intelligent Systems

Project work SYE Electrical Engineering

Project work SYE/SYL/SYM

Project work MMD


Overview of grades for application for a place on a Master's degree program

Learning Agreement (Studienvereinbarung) for Master's degree students


Here is an overview of the special download sections for forms for the relevant departments:

Department of Computer Science

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Department of Production Engineering and Production Economics

Department of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Department of Mechatronics and Medical Engineering

Department of Mathematics, Natural and Economic Sciences

Information for international applicants

International applicants who would like to study for a Master's qualification at THU can find out more here.

FAQs on applying for a Master’s degree program

Here is the FAQs List for applying for Master's degree programs online.

Sickness on examination days

If you are unable to take an examination because you became ill before the examination began, you must inform your department office of your inability to take the examination without delay and provide evidence as stipulated in your course and examination regulations. Please contact your department office.

Certificate of enrollment

You can call up and print out certificates of enrollment in German or in English using the self-service function. You can also print a comprehensive certificate of enrollment which you will need for the Bafög office and the Familienkasse.

Studying part-time

Certain personal circumstances which take up a lot of your time in addition to your studies, may mean you need to extend your studies over a longer period than you originally intended. Find a list of FAQs about individual part-time studying here.

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