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Electrical Energy Systems and Electromobility

Master of Engineering (M. Eng.)

Have you successfully completed your Bachelor’s studies in an engineering discipline such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Production Engineering with a focus on energy systems? Do you now want to extend your knowledge and study subjects such as renewable energy generation, electrical energy systems, energy conversion and electro-mobility in greater detail?​Then the Master's degree programme Electrical Energy Systems and Electromobility (EE) is perfect for you.

This three-semester Master’s degree programme will give you a varied and comprehensive education in this interdisciplinary field, giving you the skills to deal with current energy technology challenges and the innovations needed in the coming decades.This is achieved with specialisation subjects in renewable energy generation (solar, wind and fuel cell technology) as well as the essential electrical conversion and storage equipment (power electronics, battery systems).The interdisciplinary nature of the course will help you learn how to think and act systematically with an interlinked approach, as well as providing you with expertise in the design, construction and operation of technical systems in the energy systems and electro-mobility sectors. Ulm University of Applied Sciences also wants to guide you towards independent scientific working, to prepare you for leading technical roles in organisations later on.

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Prerequisites for this Master’s degree programme are an above-average qualification in a technical degree subject and successful participation in a selection interview – where you must achieve at least a grade of “pass” (4.0).Another prerequisite is an excellent command of the German and English languages.

If you are not able to provide complete evidence of the knowledge and skills stated above before starting your studies on the Master's degree programme, but (due to the quality of your first degree and the result of the selection interview) it is to be expected that you will be able to complete the degree programme successfully, you may be admitted: on the condition that you acquire the missing knowledge within one semester.

Course schedule

This three-semester Master's degree programme will teach you some of the latest knowledge and developments in decentralised energy technology and its use in electro-mobility.Electrochemical energy systems form a significant component of the course, and this subject features in the curriculum to a correspondingly high extent.This part of the course is conducted in cooperation with ZSW Ulm (Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstofftechnik Ulm). This ensures the supplementary practical laboratory training is always conducted in accordance with the latest research findings.The curriculum is supplemented by subjects covering the management of electrical networks, efficient energy distribution and the regulatory framework for the energy economy.A part of this course segment will be realised in cooperation with an energy supply company (EnBW), ensuring that the course content is always aligned with the current needs of the energy economy.Therefore, in addition to the essential focus on Electrical Engineering, this degree programme has a strong interdisciplinary character.In addition to the broad scope of the technical course components, the Master’s degree programme aims to prepare you for a management role by teaching you project management techniques and presentation skills.

In the first two semesters, the lectures are split into three groups of subjects: “Subject-specific Fundamentals”, “Energy Conversion and Storage Technology” and “Applications”.The third semester is fully dedicated to your “Master's thesis with Seminar”.After successful completion of the degree programme, you will be awarded the academic degree title “Master of Engineering”.

Module list

Career prospects

Upon graduation, numerous employers in different industrial sectors await you.With the Master’s degree programme EE, we will train you to become a specialist development engineer with detailed knowledge about energy generation and conversion. This will make you particularly attractive to innovative companies in the energy and automotive sectors, who are looking to fill leadership roles in their research and development departments.As well as qualifying you directly for a career, successful completion of the Master’s degree programme also entitles you to enter the civil service on the “höheren Dienst” career path and enables you to do a doctoral degree.​

Numerous funding programmes for electro-mobility research have already been initiated by the federal and state governments. Substantial advances in electro-mobility and the technology necessary for sustainable energy supply are also being made in industry.The changes in the automotive industry due to the transition from the combustion engine to the electric drive will create a significant number of jobs. Particularly in Baden-Württemberg, with its extensive supplier industry, these roles will require exactly the qualifications provided by this degree programme.In recent times, the demand for experts with specialist knowledge about energy storage, networks, intelligent control, electronics and mobility has grown rapidly.Furthermore, the recent decision to exit from nuclear power will result in an increased need for experts in renewable energy technology.With this in mind, the federal government has started up a special programme called “Energiekonzept 2050”. The name gives a hint of the timescale on which this issue operates.Thanks to the broad and systematic education provided by the course and the longevity of the problems it examines, you will never be short of potential employers or career options.

Certified quality 

By deciding to undertake a quality-assured degree programme at Ulm University of Applied Sciences you are well prepared for the future.All our Bachelor's and Master's degree courses are accredited.As part of the accreditation, the feasibility of the degree programme, the contents of the course of study and the suitability of the course's graduates for the requirements of their future careers are assessed.This means that you will receive a degree qualification which is recognised and quality-certified, which will help you with the recognition of your degree programme – both nationally and internationally.The accreditation of the degree programmes at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences offers students and employers a reliable guide regarding the quality of the degree programmes. 


Course and examination regulations

Overview of all course and examination regulations
​The course and examination regulations define the conditions and legal requirements for a proper degree course.

Please note: if you are already a registered student at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, it might be that a different version of the course and examination regulations apply for you.The course and examination regulations which were in effect when you started your course are the ones which apply.If in doubt, please contact your


Module handbook ​The module handbook describes the modules belonging to the degree course, their content, the intended learning outcomes, and the form of academic assessment.

Please note: the module handbook / module list is updated by March 1 for the relevant summer semester and by September 1 for the relevant winter semester, and is valid from this point onwards.Please contact your programme adviser if you have questions regarding earlier module descriptions.

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